About Me


From a young age I have always had a desire to draw and wanted to be a potter. I had no doubt of my direction in life and have always pursued an artistic career. I studied Ceramics in London at the Central School of Art and Design and gained a BA Hons degree. After leaving college I ran a ceramics studio for some years in London, selling my work across the country to various galleries and shops.  I also had a stall selling my work in Covent Garden artists' market.

After some  years I decided on a career change, taking a job in the film industry at the

Jim Henson Creature Shop where I worked as a freelance painter and art finisher. Over the next 25 years I worked in many Creature Effects and Prosthetic Make-up departments.

A fascinating job which was always challenging and one which took me to many locations around the world. I enjoyed the range of work and the fine detail and finish which was required, as well as the fun of working with some very talented creative people.

Since leaving the film industry and moving to Cambridge to live with my partner Nick, I have returned to my own work, rediscovering the freedom and pleasure in independent creativity. Being able to pursue my own artistic train of thought feels like a great luxury.


In my present work I am exploring mixed media and for me that currently consists of acrylic paint, pastels, charcoal, gesso and graphite. I enjoy experimenting with these and other materials and also with a mixture of surfaces. I have always taken a spontaneous approach being interested in trying to capture movement and energy in what I am viewing. Wherever possible I will work directly from my subject although I also work from sketches in my studio in the garden at home.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through my website showing past and most recent works. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Harrow College of Higher Education  - Art Foundation Course
Central School of Art and Design – Ceramics Degree ( BA Hons)