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Life Drawings

see anything you love? please contact me for details


Opposites Attract

Collage, acrylic, pastel on mount board

25cm x 13cm



Boys and Girls
Acrylic on mountboard
25cm x 15cm


Dance, Dance, Dance

Acrylic, pencil on mount board

26cm x 17cm


Life Drawing Willow End.jpg
can't sit still      acrylic, pastel & collage     £180 
dancing at willow end £280(framed)

big sulk      acrylic & pastel    £200


Acrylic pastel on mount board

20cm x 27cm


Easy Dancer

Acrylic and pastel on mount board

26.5cm x 17cm


Minty Fresh

Collage , acrylic on mount board

27.5cm x 15.5cm


out of the blue      acrylic & pastel       SOLD  
pink mood       acrylic and pastel    £200
I'm Alright (life drawing).jpg
room for two     acrylic & pastel     £200
FullSizeRender 6.jpg
knee hug     pastel     £200
FullSizeRender 79.jpg
knee hugger      pastel     £200
Two-Way Conversation.jpg
a carefree exchange     pastel     £350 (framed)
FullSizeRender 18.jpg
tied up hair     pastel    £200
FullSizeRender 26.jpg
strong light    pastel   £200
FullSizeRender 27.jpg
here and over there      pastel    £120
beautiful creatures  £65
FullSizeRender 81.jpg
many forms   £95
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