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At my ceramics degree show in 1986, I was invited by Josie Firmin and Christopher Strangeways to join a co-operative workshop in London where a group of artists - including illustrators, ceramicists, sculptors - were invited to decorate bone china with their own ideas and designs. My work sold well in the Covent Garden, London shop and this led to my own business in hand-painted bone china being born. I found a workshop space at the Cockpit Yard workshops, then in their infancy, off Grays Inn Road, London.

In the years following, I decorated and sold my china to many shops and galleries. I took stands at trade shows such as: Top Drawer (Alexander Palace), Creative Eye (Chelsea Old Town Hall) and Harrogate Gift Fair. Some of my outlets included:

Craftworks - a weekend Fair at the Festival Hall, Southbank, London.

Strangeways - Covent Garden, London.

Gallery 9- Greenwich Market.

Barneys - New York.

The General Trading Co.- Sloane Square, London.

Harvey Nichols- London and many more...


Deciding on a career change after some years I took a freelance job at the

Jim Henson Creature Shop in Hampstead working as a painter on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. Further projects there included: …Dinosaurs (USA Series) (1994) ...Never Ending Story (1994) ...Lost in Space (1998) ...Buddy (1997) ...Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (2005)


Over a period of 25 years I worked on many films and TV shows. Some of my credits include:


2009  X-Men: First Class - Art Finishing/Hair Technician/Wig Maker.

2005  Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride - Painter.

2003/4  Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban - Animatronic Model Designer.

2002  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Key Animatronic Model Designer.

2001  Harry Potter and the Scorcerer’s Stone- Key Animatronic Model Designer.

2001  Band of Brothers - Painting and Finishing.

1999/2000  Ridley Scott’s Gladiator - Animatronic Designer/Prosthetics.

1996   Tim Burton's Mars Attacks - Lead Painter.

1995  Muppet Treasure Island - On Set Puppet Technichian.


Following a move to Cambridge I am embarking on my next, and final, career adventure:  have campervan, will travel …and draw.

Jim Henson Workshop- Dinosaurs
Spitting Image- Peter and the Wolf
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