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Flora and Fauna paintings

see anything you love?please contact me for more details

sizes indicate image size without frame unless otherwise stated

IMG_9546 2.jpg

on paw and foot   £1700 unframed
122cm x 91cm
acrylic on 50mm deep wood panel

IMG_9547 2.jpg

cooling down SOLD
87cm x 63cm
acrylic on wood panel   


they shared a secret language   £1500 
91cm x 91cm x 5cm
acrylic on wood  deep panel (unframed)

IMG_9535 2.jpg

capricious companions   SOLD
53.5 x 53.5cm
acrylic on wood panel


roaming with eager paws   £650 framed
54cm x 54cm
acrylic on wood panel

well worn paths   SOLD
54cm x 54cm
acrylic on wood panel

IMG_8005 2.jpg

tail up, snout down   £650(framed)
53.5 x 53.5cm
acrylic on wood panel 

A Goat by my Side.jpg

side by side   60.5 x 60.5cm  £750 framed
acrylic on wood panel

IMG_8010 2.jpg

lets take the day off  £650 framed
53.5 x 53.5cm acrylic on wood available @ Bevere Gallery

Their Spots Danced Before My Eyes.jpg

their spots danced before my eyes   £650 framed
51 x 51cm
acrylic on wood

they ran so fast they flew.jpg

they ran so fast they flew  25.5 x 25.5cm  £350 framed  acrylic on wood

the stream cooled their paws.jpg

the stream cooled their feet  25.5 x 25.5cm  £350 framed 
acrylic on wood panel

the bleached grass was no camoflague.jpg

the bleached grass was no camouflage  25.5 x 25.5cm   £350 framed

how to be popular    £750 framed   
64.5 x 64.5cm
acrylic on wood

tackling the henhouse.jpg

tackling the henhouse   51 x 51cm  
acrylic on wood available @ Moorwood Art

plumes      SOLD   
53.5 x 53.5cm
acrylic on wood available @ Moorwood Art

_DSC0127 copy.jpeg

lunch in the meadow      £850 (framed)  
63 x 87cm          
acrylic on wood 

Quick, The Others Are Coming.jpg

They Know Their Names   15 x 15cm  £160 framed

This One's Called Glory.jpg

A Few Less Slugs   15 x 15cm  
£160 framed

skipping the Day Away.jpg

Skipping the Day Away  15 x 15cm
£200 framed


excited cackles     £380(framed)    
32.5 x 32.5cm
acrylic on wood  available @ Bevere Gallery

IMG_4801 2.jpg

lunch with friends.     £650(framed)    
53.5cm x 53.5cm
acrylic on wood 

It's Mine.jpg

It's Mine  30 x 30cm  £380 framed
available @ Bevere Gallery

They Clamoured and Clucked.jpg

They Clamoured and Clucked  
40.5 x 40.5cm    £420 framed  available @ Bevere Gallery

As for the RoosterEssence of Hen-ness.HEIC

as for the rooster     £380(framed)         

32cm x 32cm

acrylic on wood 

IMG_4211Essence of Hen-ness.HEIC

essence of hen-ness    £380(framed)        

33cm x 33cm

acrylic on wood 

Who Cares, Lets Dance.JPG
who cares, lets dance      £280(unframed)
acrylic on paper

reach for the sky    £300(framed)    
33 x 43cm
acrylic on paper. To Purchase contact A2 Gallery, Wells


catch him, quick   £380(framed)  
32.5cm x 32.5cm
acrylic on wood  available @ Bevere Gallery


curious friend    £200(unframed)

acrylic on paper


mr bird    £250(framed)
27 x 32cm
acrylic on paper

Dance like the Wind.JPG
dance like the wind   £200(unframed)
acrylic on paper
wandering    £160 (unframed)
acrylic on paper
Here and There Today.JPG
here and there today  £160 (unframed)
acrylic on paper

in pursuit   £150(unframed)
acrylic on paper


all gone, no more   £150 (unframed)
15 x 12cm acrylic on paper

a loose connection        £300
35.5 x 46cm
acrylic on paper (framed)

Scratch Around.JPG
in the dust      SOLD          42cm x 95.5cm  
acrylic on paper. 
He's in Charge.jpeg
ghost chicken     £180 (framed)  
17.5cm x 25cm
acrylic on paper .
To purchase contact A2 Gallery, Wells
the look out     £200(framed)       
27cm x 29cm
acrylic on 
paper. To purchase contact A2 Gallery, Wells
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