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Flora and Fauna Giclee Prints

If you are interested in any of my images in a larger size, please contact me for details.

Limited Editions of 50 

_DSC0126 copy.jpeg

Sauntering Down     £180
650mm x 460mm


See My Feathers    £180
650mm x 469mm

_DSC0127 copy.jpeg

Lunch in the Meadow   £180
460mm x 650mm

More Apples.HEIC

More Apples     £80
350mm x 350mm

IMG_4790 2.jpg

Work Party      £60
280mm x 280mm

As for the RoosterEssence of Hen-ness.jpeg

As for the Rooster    £70
300mm x 300mm


The Henhouse Tilts a Little     £60
280mm x 280mm


It's Mine      £60
280mm x 280mm


 Feed the Birds    £60                250mm x 250mm             


Catch Him,Quick   £45        150x150mm


Jacob is Full of Joy   £60           250mm x 250mm


Here Together Again   £60           250mm x250mm

Its Good to be Me.jpg
Its Good to Be Me   £60     190mm x 205mm
In the Dust   £90                                                        600mm x 200mm
Nobody's Looking   £50      150x150mm
Ski About .jpg
Skit About   £50       150x150mm
Scratching Around.jpeg
Scratch Around   £50   230x 114mm

That Purple Goat is Judging Me    £55      175x250mm

On  Dry Land   £140                                                                                               900mm x 214mm 
As the Wind Blows  £50                                                     240x 140mm
Black Dots and Pots (allotments).jpg
Black Dots and Pots   £50                                                     200x 143mm
Come Back Soon (allotments).jpg
Come Back Soon  £60                                                           250x200mm
Bell Top Plantation  £50                                                    230x110mm
Rattling in the Breeze (allotments).jpg
Make Way  £50                                                                                300x 130mm
Ready to Plant (allotments).jpg
ReadyTo Plant   £50              170x 128mm
Rattling in the Breeze   £45                                180x85mm
FullSizeRender 7.jpg
Away From the Rocks   £90                 500 x 210mm
Spring Fireworks   £90                                             410x225mm
Valentia I , Ireland   £90                                                                                400x297mm
Valentia II.jpg
Valentia II , Ireland   £90                                                                               420x295mm
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