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They Shared a Secret Language
        £1500    91 x 91cm

Side by Side.jpg

Side by Side   60 x 60cm    £750

Tackling the Henhouse.jpg

Tackling the Henhouse  £650
54 x 54cm 


Roaming with Eager Paws £650           53.5 x 53.5cm

Three French Hens.jpg

The Chickens Flocked Around Her
£650              53.5 x 53.5cm

Their Spots Danced Before My Eyes.jpg

Their Spots Danced Before My Eyes                     £650


Our Meeting Place
£650              53.5 x 53.5cm

tail up, snout down.jpg

Tails Up, Snout Down
£650              53.5 x 53.5cm


Leaves and Feathers. All rustled in the Breeze           
                     £850      63 x 87cm       

Sharing Seeds and Stories.jpg

Sharing Seeds and Stories
    £850     63 x 87cm

18 x 18cm framed      £200 each

Bit of a Bear.jpg

Bit of a Bear

Round & Round

When I Call

Can't Spot Me.jpg

Can't Spot Me

Cool Kicker.jpg

Cool Kicker

Mysteriously Banded

Spring Dance.jpg

Spring Dance

Fast Feet

Tails High.jpg

Tails High

Paint & Bright Stripes


With Buckets of Love

Which Way?.jpg

Which Way?

Around the Park

the bleached grass was no camoflague.jpg

The Bleached Grass Was No Camouflage 
29 x 29cm      £350

They Moved Through the Wildflowers and  the Swaying Grass  Grass.jpg
they ran so fast they flew.jpg

They Ran So Fast They Flew
29 x 29cm    £350

They moved through the wildflowers and swaying grass
SOLD                                       £850      87cm x 63cm

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