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Welcome to my 2023 collection of small paintings for sale.
I often work on these alongside my larger paintings, the scale allows me to work out compositions and conclusions rapidly. The results can be fun. Some of them have helped to inform my larger paintings.
I hope that you find a little gem amongst them!  
They are all part of
 themes that I love and so revisit; 'Feeding the Birds', 'Walking the Dog' and 'Tending the Flock'. You will spot one or two new creatures in here too!

All paintings are originals, made on 15cm x 15cm wooden panels, framed with white wooden tray frames and are ready to hang.

Size: 18.2cm x 18.2 cm (framed)

FREE Postage in the UK

For more photos and info click image

Happy To Be.jpg

A Clear Morning           SOLD       

Red Dogs.jpg

Red Dogs and Tulip         £200

IMG_9782 2.jpg

Our Space                     SOLD

When I Call.jpg

When I Call                    £200                 


His Decorative Stripes   SOLD          


Tails High.                        £200

Around the Park.jpg

 Around the Park             £200                


Fast Feet                         £200                 

Gentle Cats.jpg

Gentle Cats.                   £200


On My Way                     £200 

Round and Round.jpg

 Round and Round         £200 


With Buckets of Love      £200                 


Paint and Bright Stripes   £200             

Gather Round.jpg

Gather Round                SOLD


Mysteriously Banded       £200              

Watch Out Below.jpg

 Watch Out Below        SOLD


Skipping the Day Away    £200

Cool Kicker.jpg

Cool Kicker                      £200

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