Original Artworks
some of my artworks are available as prints   (P=print available)   see gicleé print page
Who Cares, Lets Dance.JPG
who cares, lets dance -£320
wandering -£200
Out in the Crisp Air.JPG
out in the crisp air- SOLD (watercolour)
Kicking the Air .JPG
Here and There Today.JPG
here and there today- £180
kicking the air - SOLD (watercolour)
Warm Rain.JPG
warm rain- £180
Fresh Winds jpg.jpg
fresh winds- £180
Here and There.JPG
peck peck here- SOLD                                                                                            P
Dance like the Wind.JPG
dance like the wind -£120
the look out- NFS                           P
Distant Past.JPG
distant past- £175 wooden panel
Thanks .jpg
dear friend  - SOLD
Scratch Around.JPG
in the dust- £490                                                                                                                                                                       P
Ancient Roaming jpg.jpg
ancient roaming - SOLD
He's in Charge.jpeg
ghost chicken - SOLD                                              P
Valentia I.jpg

 valentia I- SOLD                                                                       P


Going Home.jpeg
going home - SOLD                    P
Valentia II.jpg

valentia II - SOLD                                                                       P


Across the Waters.jpg

 across the waters- £450(framed)

Away from the Rocks better image_.jpg

 away from the rocks -  SOLD.                                                                                                              P


 unearthly earth- SOLD

Deep Dark Reflections.jpg

into dark waters- SOLD

Cornish Coastline largest image.jpg

port gaverne- SOLD

A Sort of Row.jpg
a sort of row - SOLD
Rattling in the Breeze (allotments).jpg

make way- SOLD                                                                                           P

Come Back Soon (allotments).jpg

come back soon -£150                                                              P

Into the Ground.jpg

into the ground- £120                                                                  P                                 

Derbyshire landscape.jpg

the force of spring                                                                    P

Time to Make Plans (allotments).jpg

time to make plans -£90                                       P

little olive jug- SOLD
museum blooms- £120
the pink mat- SOLD
wild wood- SOLD
wild wood
Spring Orchard.jpg
early spring - SOLD
Warm Spring in the Orchard.JPG
spring orchard- SOLD
Beneath The Cedar Canopy.JPG
beneath the cedars - SOLD
Best Spot in the Garden.jpg
magnolia - SOLD
Anywhere Trees.jpg
strange trees - SOLD
wild garden edge  -SOLD
Quercus hispanica.jpg
quercus hispânica - SOLD