Flora and Fauna paintings

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More Apples.HEIC

more apples  £580  wood panel  43.5cm x 43.5cm

As for the RoosterEssence of Hen-ness.HEIC

as for the rooster    £420    wood panel           32cm x 32cm

Ghost Goat.HEIC

ghost goat  wood panel 18cm x 18cm SOLD

IMG_4211Essence of Hen-ness.HEIC

essence of hen-ness   £420   wood panel     33cm x 33cm


catch him, quick  £350 wooden panel

Who Cares, Lets Dance.JPG
who cares, lets dance   £330 (unframed)

reach for the sky  £330 (framed)


all in a day  15 cm x 20cm   £280


crazy bird   £290(framed) on paper  

curious friend  £280 on paper


so fond  £280 (framed)  on paper                27cm x 18.5 cm

Dance like the Wind.JPG
dance like the wind -£120
wandering -£200
Here and There Today.JPG
here and there today- £180
Distant Past.JPG
distant past   £175  wooden panel

in pursuit   £200  on paper


all gone, no more   15cm x 12cm  £280


let loose  £200  wooden panel  15cmx15cm


follow me  £370(framed)

a loose connection  £320(framed)

Scratch Around.JPG
in the dust  £520 (framed)  78cm x 25cm (image size)
He's in Charge.jpeg
ghost chicken     £200 (framed)    on paper                    25cm x 17.5cm                                             
the look out  £300(framed)  on paper  28.5cm x 27.5cm
Fresh Winds jpg.jpg
fresh winds- £180
Warm Rain.JPG
warm rain- £180